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Spotify... you're algorithm NEEDS a pause function!


Spotify... you're algorithm NEEDS a pause function!

The algorithm is the closest reason I have to quitting spotify. I'm so SICK of playing one particular song/genre too much, and being suggested absolutely nothing but that genre!

I have been listening to white noise on repeat while I work. Why on earth would I want every single suggestion to be nothing but tracks of different white noise?! I listen to a few tracks from decades ago; nothing but 'Emo' playlists.

I'm so frustrated. Spotify, you literally force me to use other streaming services like Tidal and youtube. I WANT to use spotify, but you're stubborness on this topic over the years is going to be your eventual downfall. Give the community a way to at the very least, exclude a song/artist/genre from the algorithm history!

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Hi MrLimaBean,

Did you see the part of the post that talked about how you can create a private session? If not, here it is:


Give that a shot. I hope it helps. 



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Hi there MrLimaBean,


Thanks for your post, and sorry to hear you’re feeling frustrated. 


In order to fully understand your issue, I have a question. Sorry if this is redundant, but I just want to be sure.

  • When you’re receiving these unwanted suggestions, can you give an example of the specific playlist you’re listening to? The way users access content via “Your Library” has changed over the years, with the most recent update I can find being illustrated in this article.

As you’re probably aware, Spotify has different algorithms based on what type of content a user is listening to. Before I attempt to help or escalate this, I just want to be sure I’m understanding your situation as accurately as possible.



My situation is based solely around playlists like "Discovery Weekly" or any functions that 'suggest' new music based on listening history. (Which should honestly have a Discovery Daily option).


The main appeal of Spotify for me, is selecting my "Discovery.." playlists, and seeing what the algorithm gives me for suggestions. It is the main way I find new music. 


The current scenario means that if I am, like I am right now, listening to  "Study, Brown Noise to Improve focus", and have that on loop, my algorithm is RUINED. I have to then basically retrain my algorithm from scratch by letting my spotify play my library while I'm away. I want to just listen to white noise, or niche' genres without it telling Spotify that's literally all I listen to. My Discovery Weekly is absolutely ruined now, filled with nothing but White noise suggestions... I don't know about you, but I don't think I need to discovery the difference between a song going "SSSSHSSSSHSSSS" or "SSSSSSSSSSS".



I can't express this enough, and I know I'm not alone.

A Solution: Allow us to create a safe temporary session, AWAY from the algorithm. I want to have an algorithm that will take into account of ACTUAL listening habits, but if I want to listen to the sounds of rain at night time, or a loved one plays an album on your phone in the car.. Let us have a way to exclude those. Even history deletion like youtube has!


I have had to literally just use Spotify exclusively as a library, and white noise machine. I use other music apps because I can't find any properly suggested music anymore.



Hi there MrLimaBean,


I hope your week is off to a good start. 

Thank you for clarifying. It makes sense what you’re describing. Here is a solution I found in the community that might be of some help:


While I see the merit in doing a reset on your listening history and basically starting fresh algorithm-wise, getting it to happen doesn’t seem likely, and I wouldn’t spend energy fighting that fight. Instead it seems like the alternatives suggested might be of help to you or improve your current recourse to solve this issue. 

I hope this was helpful. 

Take care, 

That isn't helpful at all and completely ignores what I'm stating. I never
said I want to just reset my algorithm, I would like to create private
session or have some option to NOT have content influence my listening
experience. You only give 3 options for user input. Liking a song, not
liking a song (Don't play this song), and the third being.. just listening
to a song. THAT is the issue. If I listen to a song on repeat, it ruins
your algorithm for weeks!

Quite honestly, after years and years of seeing complain about the
algorithm, and never seeing anything but terrible solutions "Here's a post
that tells you to press 'I don't like this song". I'm on the verge of just
quitting spotify.

I get ZERO new music as of late, because the algorithm obsessively monitors
use.. but not intent.When I work, I want study music with rain, white
noise, lo fi... but I DON'T want to listen to it outside of work. Every
suggested song I have now is ALL white noise. It's comical. Hit next
"SSSSHSHSHSHSH" Next song "SSSSSSSSSSSSS" Next song "boom buh doom
SSSSSSSSSSSSSS" It's a joke. Basically, your system tells me "Don't listen
to this content at all, or you will be punished". That is absurd, and the
only reason we don't have control over this is because.. Spotify just
doesn't care. They want your algorithm data more than a happy customer.

I feel like my attempts to get this message through always comes down to
being provided a hyperlink to a previously 'Solved!' yet unsolved post with
annoyed comments saying the same thing; that the solution is useless.

Marked as solution

Hi MrLimaBean,

Did you see the part of the post that talked about how you can create a private session? If not, here it is:


Give that a shot. I hope it helps. 



Thank you, I didn't realize Private sessions had this function.

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