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What's the difference between daily top 50 and viral top 50?

What's the difference between daily top 50 and viral top 50?

See title. I wonder in what way these two differ.

4 Replies

Hi @jaspoid-0934!


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!


The Viral 50 chart has been created to measure the success of music in terms of user sharing combining analytics on blogs, social media etc. The Spotify Top-50, instead, shows only the most-streamed songs on Spotify. 


Hope this helps.


Thanks, any idea how are the statistics gathered for the viral charts? Is it manual? What blogs and social media services are used?

Hi again @jaspoid-0934!


From what I know all the playlists curated by Spotify have a team dedicated to choose the songs to include, so they are not based only on algorithms; this applies to Viral Top 50 as well. 


Regarding blogs and social media used, I suppose the most famous ones like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for social media and NME, Rolling Stone, Billboard, and other similar magazines/blogs. This is my opinion since I couldn't find a real source for this.


Hope this helps.


Alright "suppose" you say, so no official answer then.

Are there any Spotify folks on this forum that can shed some light on this?

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