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Why Songs I liked don't show the same heart in the Artist Page?

Why Songs I liked don't show the same heart in the Artist Page?

My Question or Issue

Before the upgrade/change of Spotify where "added songs" became "liked songs" with the heart icon, all songs added in every Artist page in their album discography or in every Playlist where directly checked in both places.

So you found the songs added both in Artist Page or Playlist, no matter where you added them.

Time ago I find all the songs I added in the new Liked Songs. Ok.


But the problem is there are a lot of songs I liked that doesn't show the same heart icon filled inside their Artist Page and Album/Discography.

So now when I go to the Artist Page to listen to Albums in their Discography, I don't know if the song is already in my Library Songs I Like or not.

And if you put a heart in one that's already in Songs I Like, Spotify makes a duplicity if you see the songs you like in my Artist Library.


This is an important mess when you had a lot of songs, artists and playlists, as I imagine a lot of people had before the changes.

This happens to me both in Windows and in Android, so it's not a problem of the Operating System, it is directly consecuence of the changes in Spotify.


Is there a solution for this annoying trouble?

Is it a problem of my account or there are more people having this trouble?

What I mean is as easy as finding the heart of a song in every place you see it, Playlist, Artist Discography or wherever, as it was before, and as it's logical for a much better way to use Spotify. Other way all you build before the changes is a mess when you want to add new songs of Artits.


When you make changes in Spotify you must be sure all songs the old system are fully shown in the new "heart" system.

My account seems to be between two ways, and it's really disgusting.


I hope I won't have to view the songs I like about an Artist, make screen captures and delete duplicities, and click the heart manually in each album to see the heart in both places....too much work guys of Spotify.


I wait for an answer of someone from Spotify with some explanation.


Please, if there are more people having this problem tell me about it or possible  solutions.







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Hi aerotoni,


Sorry you're frustrated right now. Hopefully you can find a solution! If I'm understanding you correctly, you are confused as to how to be sure you have liked a song/album. If that is your problem, it's pretty easy to figure out which songs, albums, artists you have liked or "hearted". If you go into "Your Library" all of the Artists under the "Artist" tab and all the Albums under the "Albums" tab are ones you have liked or "hearted". There is no heart shown in your library because that's what your library is composed of.


If you are on an Artist Page, you can clarify which albums you have liked simply by clicking on the album. If you see a green heart, that means you have liked the album or song and therefore, it will show up in Your Library.


I hope that makes sense and helps. Let me know!

I am finding this same issue. I thought I was going nuts where I thought (I am sure I liked that song) but from your post it seems to depend where i am looking/playing that song from. Yes, very annoying issue. Make me wonder if the dev people at spotify actually use their own product.

It seems to me that the issue you’re having is the same one reported initially 5 years ago and was last year investigated with a conclusion that it’s expectated behavior:


Thank you for your answers.

I have seen this is a problem that other users had many years ago.
For me the "shock" was my Spotify worked correctly and I found this trouble when the "heart" change.


Before the change from added/saved songs to songs I Like (heart) I had a big collection of songs added, and playlists done. 


Before the "heart", when you added a song, it was shown as added in any Playlist,  Songs Added Page, Songs of my Artist, and in the Artist Page or Discography, and even the Search Page.


Now all my songs added before are in the new Songs I Like. This is totally correct.


In fact, the confusion for me or any user having this trouble, is that form the change I don't find songs I "added" before, or "hearted" after, with the "heart icon" shown in every place/page I can see the song. This is the mess.

With playlists there is no problem.

(I clarify the same song and album, not a problem of different versions of the song or diffrerent release of albums where it shoudl be normal)


For me was very usual to add/heart a song from the Discograhy in the Artist Page, normally with artists I liked more, but also with artists I discovered, to hear more songs or the complete album. I imagine a lot of music music lovers act like this.


Also, as usual, I added songs separately from other playlists or songs I searched.


To conclude:

When the songs are shown with the Heart Icon marked in every place/page/playlist, you have more control and order in your extense Library.

And you don't have duplicities.


Now if I must order it manually, to be soft, it is really disgusting as it is a very huge work, as it was little by little building my extense Libray.

Spotify should have made the change being sure there were not this kind of big troubles, or have a solution or process to put thing in place, as they were before.


I find the lastes changes make more difficult to manage and aren't very useful, or advances, only visual changes or reordenation. But Spotify should make it right.

I mention, as example too, that I have had to click in every artist I had songs the button "Follow", when before it was not necessary to have teir songs in My Artists.

We pay our fee but Spotify doesn't really improve, or added new functionalities, as technology grows.
Ad when they appear to do something, they only cause bugs/problems.

Please, Spotify, take more care about us and our music libraries!
Make changes with a little more mind about profits and troubles.

Or other platforms will eat your market in the end.


Still waiting for a Soptify support solution or explanation.

Is it same problem I have in below screenshot? It is really annoying


spotify liked songs.jpg


I still have this same issue. I've noticed this for some time (around when Spotify switched from "added songs" to "liked songs", I think) as well.


Hey folks,


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here. We hope you don’t mind us replying now as we just stumbled upon this thread.


The behavior you're describing can happen when an album gets reuploaded by the distributors. If they have different metadata or URIs, the app will check backstage to link to the accurate track, but it will currently miss to transfer the liked status to the newer version.


We've provided guidelines to distributors of what they can do to keep tracks fully in sync and basically overwrite old versions, but we know this is something that occurs. For now we suggest that you unlike the "old" track in the liked songs or saved album and replace it with the new one.


We'll keep working on improving this experience moving forward and advise that you keep the app up to date with the latest version so that you don't miss out on any fixes.


Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

Mihail Moderator
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I don't think that's the reason to be honest.


Here's a brand new album that I have in a playlist. I liked one of the songs while I was playing it in the playlist. The heart shows up next to it.


But when I go to the album directly afterwards that song doesn't have a heart icon next to it.


That's confusing as **bleep** and makes no sense whatsoever.


Hello, unfortunately the problem still occurres. When I enter an album via the three spots while listening to a liked song, I can see the green hearts. But when I enter the album via the search bar, there ist not one green heart visible. 

Still a thing. So disappointing

YEP still an issue after years and years. Whole liked songs system is broken. I want my money back. Impossible to fix manually if you have 4000+ liked songs

Seems to be fixed now.

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