Why are all the songs saved at Liked albums also saved automatically to Liked songs???


Why are all the songs saved at Liked albums also saved automatically to Liked songs???

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If I save an album, all the songs are automatically saved at Liked songs. This way the real Liked songs list cannot be used because of all the songs saved there by mistake. I assume this also takes up a lot of space and also creates a humongous list there which is superfluous. How can I prevent this?

Also you can only delete one by one from this list so it takes ages to correct this.








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Hello @zsoltzsolt

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Some time ago a new Library was introduced. 

Now, when you like an album, the songs in the album won’t be added to your Liked Songs playlist.

Of course, you can like them too, but it won't happened automatically while liking an album. 

That way you can choose if you want to like:

  • just an album (only the album will appear in Your Library in the Albums section), 
  • just the songs (only the songs will appear in Your Library in the Liked Songs playlist),
  • album and all the songs,
  • album and some of the songs,
  • only some of the songs.

You can check more on the new Library experience in this Spotify Answer


Also, make sure you're using the latest version of the Spotify app. To make sure everything is up-to-date, I'd recommend preforming a clean reinstall with these steps


I hope you'll find this helpful! 

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Dear Emilia,

Thanks for your suggestion, I will try to update my app