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Why do random songs get added to my liked songs?

Why do random songs get added to my liked songs?








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Often when I reopen my liked songs I find new weird techno like songs added! I always have to delete them and it's so tiring to find my song again. I already changed my password, why does this happen?

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Hi @ipumpi


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If you see suspicious activity on your Spotify account, check if any suspicious third-party apps and offline devices are connected to your account. If there are any, please remove the access. 

It's good to change your password in an incognito mode:

  1. Open the password restet form in a private/incognito window, and choose a strong password you haven't used before.
  2. Go to your accoun page and click SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE.

It's also strongly advised that you change the password for:

  • The email address associated with your Spotify account (e.g. with Gmail, Hotmail, etc.).
  • Any Facebook profile associated with your Spotify account. You can make sure you're the only one currently logged into your Facebook in your Facebook Settings, under Security and login > Where You’re Logged In.
  • Any service where you use the same password as Spotify.

If after following these steps the issue persists, you can reach out to Customer Support.
You can find the contact form here.

I hope it helps!

Hi it keeps happening to me to! I will keep pausing, randomly changing songs, and today when I opened the app there were 5 songs added to my liked songs. I changed my password and it keeps happening.

Hey @Chloe48,


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We advise you to make sure you've followed the steps from this article as they'll help you secure your account. 


Let us know how that went,



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My girl is having the same issue, I recently added her to my family plan and the same 3 songs keep getting added and she keeps removing them. She tries to listen to a song and one of the three songs starts playing instead. Super annoying 

Hey @Leonel_LAH


Thank you for your reply in this thread. 

Have you looked at the article that @Dian posted earlier in this thread? If not, please do it as there is a chance that her account has been taken over. 

On another note, if she recently added access to a third-party app that might be causing this. If that's the case, she can go to her account page scroll down to Apps and remove the permissions given there.

You can head to this FAQ as you might find the information there useful too.

Keep us posted! 

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I found what was causing me the problem. I had a IFTTT applet “Add songs you like on YouTube to Your Music on Spotify”. This applet was adding any videos or shorts I liked to my liked songs on Spotify even if it wasn’t a song. Just using the title of the youtube video or short and adding the first song  that popped up. Maybe you can check your activity in IFTTT or any automation service you’re using.

im having this kind of problem too even if i keep on changing passwords and logging it out from other devices



Thanks for your reply and for the info shared.


In this case, we'd recommend checking for anything suspicious on your Account Overview page and removing all apps connected to your account. You can easily reconnect the apps that you use whenever you want. If you notice anything suspicious you can remove it with the REMOVE ACCESS button.

On another note, you can also go to the Spotify desktop app's settings to review any connected Facebook accounts under Social. If there is one, click DISCONNECT FROM FACEBOOK to remove it. If it’s your own Facebook, change your Facebook password before you reconnect it.


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i also keep having songs being added to my liked songs playlist. it’s always new songs from one artist (ethan bortnick) when previously i had only liked one somg of his. now every single new release gets added to my liked songs and its annoying. i stopped following him and it still happens, im this close to hitting “dont play this artist” to get it to stop. 

dude dont play doesnt work either and its happening to me too idk how to stop it


Same thing happening to me with the same artist I unfollowed him but every song he has or releases gets added to my liked songs. I keep removing them but they keep appearing after a while.

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