add an album to a playlist

add an album to a playlist



Plan free

Country uk

Device Android tablet 6.0.1 & android phone 9



Another thread said this was available again an that I should come to these boards if I still had a problem.

Here I am.

I can't find any option 'add this album to a playlist'.

I'd relax if Spotify could just spell out 

- What they've changed and why

- What I should see on various devices and a simple 'flag' button when there seems to be something wrong.


Spotify with advertising

android tablet 6.0.1

android phone 9

cleared caches, logged out of all devices, uninstalled, reinstalled

(same, Spotify

I'm in the UK.


If I go to a track on a playlist, the three dot menu gives me :

on the phone...


Remove from this playlist

Add to playlist

View Artist


Report Explicit Content

Show Credits


on the tablet, all the above plus the options of

Add to queue

View album

Go to song radio


If I go to 'View album'

I have the menu


View Artist 

Like all Songs





on this page could you put a simple link below to remind us what you mean by 'label' and what you mean by 'tag' - ?








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I tried, this on my android phone with a random album

opened my discover list (just to get a random album)

clicked the 3 dots to the right of a random track > view album

clicked the 3 dots in top right > add to playlist

choose  a playlist or create new


I created a new one and then looked at the playlist, all tracks from the album were in there


I am on the same version as you.


If I click on the 3 dots within a playlist (on an android phone)I get


Remove from this playlist

add to other playlist

add to queue

view album*

view artist


go to song radio

report explicit content

show credits


*view album is the one you want, then 3 dots top right > add to playlist to add that album to a playlist


If you don't have that, perhaps it is a limitation of a free account.



Thanks for doing that sjp.


You could be right - that it's a feature of a paid account.

They need to bombard me with more adverts and highlight "add albums to playlists" !

I also don't get 

-add to queue

-go to song radio

on the phone ,,, I do get them on the tablet.


I'll not mark it as 'solved' yet in case a spotibod chooses to add something.

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