"Local Files" content disappears from playlists after moving and re-adding songs

"Local Files" content disappears from playlists after moving and re-adding songs






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Windows 10 Pro 10.0.18363 

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue

I recently moved my local music folder from one drive to another. As was to be expected, Spotify could not find the files anymore and they were all greyed out.

After trying to re-add them, all of the Local Files within my different playlists are gone (not greyed out, just plain removed).


These are the steps I took after moving my files from one drive to another:

1- I tried going to preferences and doing "Add a Source" to add a new source, figuring it would match the file hashes to the old ones. That had no effect, the files were still greyed out and no new files appeared in the "Local Files" playlist.

2- I tried removing all sources by toggling to OFF all of the sources in preferences. I also toggled to off "Show Local Files. This removed the local playlist altogether.

3- I then re-toggled "Show Local Files" to ON and re-added my location. This showed the empty "Local Files" playlist, but it never populated.

4- I uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify. I then when to preferences and toggled "Show Local Files" to ON as it is disabled by default. I then added my source. My "Local Files" playlist came back and showed all my files. I thought things were solved at this point.

5- I let Spotify sit to re-download all my playlists for offline playing. I came back 10 minutes later and the "Local Files" playlist was empty again.

6- I re-added my folder again and now the setting seems to have stuck around, BUT

7- all of the files I had previously added from my Local Files into other playlists have now disappeared from those playlists. They are not greyed out, they are simply not there anymore. If they had stuck around, I could have at least added them back by hand from the new Local Files playlist, but now I don't even know which songs they were.


I didn't expect Spotify to be smart enough to map file hashes from the old dir to the new one, but removing the files metainfo from playlists seems like excessive behaviour. It is information loss without user confirmation. They should have remained greyed out and it should have been my choice to remove the ghosts. I can't seem to find logs anymore from which I can recover the info either.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get this information back?



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