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Spotify playlist says it’s been deleted but...

Spotify playlist says it’s been deleted but...






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My favourite playlist by Spotify - Eats and Beats - says it’s been deleted. I had it saved but now just suggests I removed it from saved items.

I posted about this to social media yesterday and a friend noticed also. Today it’s back on his Spotify. Mine however still says the playlist has been deleted. Is it gone? Is it back? How do I salvage it?

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Hi there @Ljcmw2015,

thanks for reaching out !


I must mention that in order for your post to get the relevant attention, it should be posted in the "Content Questions" section of the community.


You can always read the community guidelines to make sure you're posting in the right place.


Regarding your question/issue, could you please mention if this playlist is an official Spotify playlist or one made by private users ?


Thanks for your cooperation 🙂



Hey, thanks for the advice. Novice here so don’t even know where I’ve posted my query? 🤷🏻‍♂️ How do I change its placement? 

The playlist is an official Spotify one. I have friends who can and can’t see it, and one who can see it and it’s listed tracks but can’t play any of them. 


I can see it in my saved playlists but when I open it I just get a message saying it’s deleted and asking if I want to remove it from save items. The button to delete on that message is chopped off below the play bar in app however. 

The variance in how people are seeing it makes me wonder if it’s some sort of glitch?

Hi @Ljcmw2015

thanks for your quick answer !


It is possible that an official playlist was chosen to be removed.


Would it be possible for your to provide me with a link to the playlist so i can check it out for you ?


Thanks for your cooperation 🙂

Ooh! Oh can open it again; but I can’t play any of the songs. 

here’s the link:

Hi @Ljcmw2015,


Unfortunately, i'm unable to open it this way.


Could you please click on the 3 dots and under "Share" copy the URI and paste it here ?


Thanks again 🙂

That’s what I did ☹️ So maybe you can’t see it either? 

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