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songs liked and saved to "artist" tab now only shows followed artist

songs liked and saved to "artist" tab now only shows followed artist

why? the only way to access these songs and artist now is to go into liked songs and scroll 10000s of songs and 100s of artist making sure to click each artist and follow them just to have access to organized music. does this feature make things easier on the back end for spotify? or it is apart of steps to push spotify into some newer more unified updated design? is there any way to roll back or fix this in any way? this actually **bleep**s up my entire music collection. 

some songs are credited with multiple artist, choosing 1 of those those artist to "follow" so music is categorized correctly changes the way it is titled and displayed under the "artist" tab

this changes what music spotify decides that i want discovered or suggested based on artist i follow and music i listen to. sometimes you just like 3 or 4 songs from an artist, sometimes you save 3 or 4 to remind yourself to listen to this album, artist, or genre later. now all spotify music that isn't saved into a specific playlist is basically categorized as "hey i liked this!" or "i don't like this" and combined into 1 giant multi year liked list.


music could be sorted by date added, or by artist name. by mass following 100s of artist so my songs aren't in some pointless liked tab limbo, my new "artist" list is now organized in a way that makes it time consuming and extremely difficult to just find 1 little song i liked from an obscure artist.


these are just 3 small examples. this 1 seemingly insignificant change to the way the artist tab works is having snowball effects on the entire way i use spotify.

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Please upvote this. I agree 100%

I totally agree. 

Just let me see all Artists I have liked songs of and listen to the liked songs of that Artist even if I don't follow him. 

Same goes for Albums: Please show me every Album that contains Songs I liked. I don't want to like every Album because then every Song of the Album shows up, even if I only like one Song.

Definitely agree! I am feeling so frustrated by Spotify’s “library” update. It’s completely spoiled the way I like to access my saved music, so much so that I find myself not using it much now, because it’s just causing me frustration. It was much better the way it was before. It makes me feel like most of my artists have disappeared! I used to like to scroll through my artists and see what I was in the mood to listen to. Now, only 10% of my artists are showing because I happened to “follow” them. I don’t want to have to “follow” every single artist of every song I have saved because I may well only like the one song by that artist.<br>Spotify’s latest update to the library has meant I’m seriously considering ditching it as it’s not worth the money for me if I’m not enjoying it. Might go to Amazon Music instead as that’s free because I already have a subscription to their Prime service

Feel exactly the same, I really want to see how many songs of each artist I have without having to follow every single one, would be hundreds. Also shuffling all saved songs for an artist is essential and again would have to follow every single artist for this. Do I now have to go through all my liked songs and follow every different artist? This might be the worst feature yet from Spotify. 

I liked the fact it would only show followed artists on the artist tab as only have a couple dozen favourites there but the ability to search for other artist you have saved songs for is just as essential. 

Truthfully cannot stand this change.

I also like to go through my library of liked artists every so often and when I see an artist that only has one or two liked songs I'll take a closer look at them, see if they have more that I like. Now I have no real way of doing that that I've found so far. Am I supposed to scroll through my thousands of songs counting how many times each artist appears? The discover weekly playlist is great but now I have a couple hundred artists that I don't follow with only a single song each cause I liked the songs while I was on the go over the last few months and I don't know the name of the artist or the song to try find more from that artist that I like.

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