Accidentally deleted song from playlist


Accidentally deleted song from playlist

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I have premium spotify on my iPhone 6S and recently recevied an update. 

In this update if you are inside one of your playlist and click on the more button on the right side of each individual song then a couple of options appear. Now a new option has appeared and it's to instantly delete the song from the playlist and it's positioned at the same place as the "Add to playlist" button recently was. Anyways I was going to add a song which I didn't know the name of to another playlist so I fastly clicked the more button followed by a click where the button of "Add to playlist" option usually were, but now I instead accidentally instantly deleted this song which lead to a couple of minutes of struggle of trying to find it again. 


My point of this is anyways that I believe it's a bad idea to be able to instantly delete a song from a playlist because of the simple fact that it might be a misstake. Also I believe that's even worse to replace the place of "Add to playlist" button with this button because of how easy it is to make a misstake.


Sorry for my bad english but I'm not from an english speaking country.

What do you other people think about this if you understand me correctly?