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Accidentally tapping a track obliterates your queue

Accidentally tapping a track obliterates your queue





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iPhone XS


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iOS 12


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I'm not sure if this belongs here or as an Idea, but the other day I ran into a really, really annoying behavior in the mobile app (and it probably happens on Desktop as well). I was playing music and adding tracks to my queue as I went along, building up a list of what to hear next and later. While I was searching for a track, I accidentally tapped the track name instead of the three dots (easy to do), and Spotify immediately started playing the new track, while also clearing the queue I'd carefully been building and replacing it with the arbitrary list of songs that came after the one song. At that point I had no way of getting back to what I was playing, nor find a way back to my history, and certainly no way to recover the queue I'd built. It was a horrible user experience.


By contrast, Apple Music handles this well: if you have a queue going and tap a track, it asks you first whether you want to Add to Up Next, Clear Up Next, or Cancel. One way or another you're protected from messing everything up by mis-tapping or mis-clicking, and it even asks you what your intention is.


This alone is almost a deal-breaker for me with Spotify, and makes me want to stick with Apple Music. And yet it would be so easy to fix with something like the prompt Apple Music uses. Has anyone else been struggling with this?

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