Add recently added songs to the top of existing playlists


Add recently added songs to the top of existing playlists

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This is my one pet hate when it comes to spotify playlists.


I wish the new songs that I add to existing playlist, would be added to the top of the list so they're played at the beginning, rather than the end and flicking through older songs.


If this isnt possible, then just allow users to re-arrange or organise playlist items in different catagories such as, "recently added", "oldest", "artist" and/or "length" ect.


This would make my spotify experiance even better than it already is.

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Thank God that Im not the only one , When people listen my playlist they start from the oldest song rather then my newest because it is automatically custom preferred. For me to fix this I have to edit my custom playlist which I have up to 21 hours of music in some playlists. U are expecting me to do each song individually ?The price for the premium has increased but such a basic function is still lacking and all we get a comical answer to edit or songs. I think this is unacceptable and needs to change urgently. This topic has started at 2013 and still going on , U must be either making too much money to not care or u  are just taking the **bleep**.

Thank you 

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Recently i have been able to sort by recently added - honestly it makes me want to move to a different service since it was removed