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Add to Queue Does Not Function Properly

Add to Queue Does Not Function Properly






iPhone SE

Operating System

iOS 14.5.1


My Question or Issue

When I attempt to add songs to the queue nothing adds. If I click add to queue again the same song is added twice. Occasionally, the song will appear for just a second and disappear. If I restart my phone or uninstall/reinstall the app, the problem is fixed for a short time but reoccurs. I updated to the latest version of iOS and the problem continued.

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Hey @glennwebber,


does this happen both over WiFi and on mobile data? Are you maybe connecting to another device when this happens or are you using strictly your phone?


If you can capture a video of this the next time it happens and upload it so we can check it out, it might be helpful to get to the bottom of this.


Take care!

Mihail Moderator
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