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New layout makes everything way more complicated

New layout makes everything way more complicated

I have a premium account on iphone and the app layout changed without me updating it. Now everything is way more complicated.


The artist tab, where I had specific songs saved by that artist is now just the artist's page instead of my own music. So now if I have three songs saved from three different albums there's no way to access it excpet searching for them in my songs playlist one by one, and I can't listen to them just in a row putting my phone down. I specifically curated songs across albums with artists I liked and now there is no way to access that. 


Furthermore, songs and albums are now completely disconnected. Albums that I unsave to make room still remain in my songs playlist. So now I have to manually go through and unsave multitudes of albums song by song. This is horribly frustrating since it was so simple before. 


I WOULD just shuffle my saved albums but there's no way to do that. Not to mention if you save one song from an album, it won't come up in your albums tab, so shuffing your albums wouldn't play all your music anyway. It seems the only way to shuffle your entire collection is through the songs playlist. 


Where I used to be able to just put on an artists and set it and forget it, now I'm constantly searching. For someone who uses Spotify north of 8-9 hours a day I'm deeply disappointed. Please, PLEASE go back to your old layout or fix these issues. 


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Hey @asherwood, welcome to the Community.
Hope you’re doing great!

At Spotify, possible improvements and new features are often being tested. This means you might see something on the app your friend doesn't, or get a brand new feature for only a temporary period.

Things tested could include the next generation of security protection, or new ways to listen. It's also a way for Spotify to introduce new features, and fine-tune the app to be compatible with specific devices.


Currently to go to the queue or use repeat/shuffle buttons you need to tap the … top right corner.

I’d recommend supporting this idea if you don’t like this change to Spotify


Hope it helps 🙂

Help? This doesn't even make sense, the parts that aren't obviously stock. 

This did not answer or solve anything. I have the same problem too. I used to scroll through my artists to listen to specific stuff or browse to see what sounds good at the moment, and now that option is gone. Now I have to follow artists and even then, I can't listen to just the songs I saved. We should be able to choose which way we want it, not have it tested out on us for whatever reason. Now I pay for a streaming service that I dont enjoy anymore. And it's weird cause everyone else I've talked to about this has the original layout that works. I'll end on, if it isn't broken, dont fix it.

Exact same problems as those above. There is no more personal music library, what is there now is useless because it cannot be sorted by artist. 


This needs to change back ASAP, or I will be switching to another music service.

Goodbye Spotify.


For those looking, Tidal seems like a good option. It has all the personal music library features like Spotify used to have. Supposedly has more content and higher quality sound available too. Not affiliated in any way, just a suggestion.


Edit: Just kidding, not sure about Tidal, I'll keep looking.

Literally made an account just to agree with this 

wth spotify

impossible to find music now, with allot of changes its just a matter of getting used to things, but as the post said cant even see individually saved songs anymore

I'm having the same problems too I hate this new update. I usually listen to discover weekly playlist and just add and save the songs I really like and they would appear in my album library. Now they just get buried in my songs and its impossible to find them again. Now everything is unorganized and it doesn't flow at all. Feel the same way, if it doesn't go back im finding another streaming service that I would rather give money too. 

It interesting that Spotify doesn't do this to all of its account members at once. I just recently had this start to affect me and its horrible. Spotify is, without doubt, the best streaming service still to this day but they are removing anything that makes it personalized. I don't want Tidal and I don't want apple music for numerous reasons. I just don't understand why Spotify would have a change that makes it harder for people to see the music that they like and want to be saved. Get it together Spotify. 

This update has destroyed Spotify for me. I am inconsolable at this point. WHY!?!

I guess I'm in the market for a new music streaming service that lets me choose what albums I listen to. Any ideas?

Idk if you work for Spotify or something but you need to get rid of this new play pause layout; I can't use it with one hand and is just really agitating me a lot. And as you can see I'm not the only one. so please change it back to what it was about a month ago. I've been with Spotify for 4 years now and I'm seriously thinking about getting apple music or tile.

I'm with you on that.


Is anything getting done about this? I'm in a family account with my partner, hers has stuck to the old format. Unbelievably better, don't know why anyone would ever think this would be an improvement. Please do something about it, making me want to delete the app. 

I completely agree - the new layout is making me not use the app as often as before simply because I can't find anything that I like anymore.


The big mess that is now the "Home" tab just makes a long scrollable list of buried stuff that I can't use.


Even the content is different - the "Editor's picks" section is completely missing from mobile.


I used to get reccommendations for playlist suitable for different times of days, or mood etc...gone as well.


Hope Spotify reads this - for me the latest crop of updates make the app unusable.

I only just realized where my "liked songs" even are. I seriously do not understand the point of this change. They realize that not everyone likes a song and then automatically likes the band as a whole and the rest of the album, right? 


I mean, I don't understand how this isn't a downgrade... I'm extremely eclectic with music. I rarely like an entire album or can say I actually like a band or artist as a whole.

And Spotify basically wants me to use a playlist for all my needs and thinks this is an improvement for all. I don't know how because there has always been Artist and Album pages... They just took away your ability to browse artists you don't like enough to follow.


So, basically, whenever I like a song I have to also follow the artist if I don't want it to just be added to a gigantic playlist and search through that list every time I wanna hear it. Excellent. The future is truly here...


At least you can say you overhauled the look, Spotify! I guess that boosts stockholder confidence or something cuz companies just randomly do it about every other year, regardless of necessity or humans' well-known love of the familiar.

That seems to work. Re installation got the layout we like.

This is the first time I have ever posted anything on a community page and believe it or not the first time I've ever posted on the internet!


I am deleting my Spotify account today.


The new layout is so weird and badly thought out. I can't find anything I have downloaded easily, which makes using spotify on my commute and or without using data nearly impossible.


Is it a ploy to get you to use more data?


Anyway, I have been a premium member for 5 years, close to £600 invested over that time. Not a penny more im afraid.


Six months free Apple Music here I come!


Hope they eventually fix this and I may come back.


Peace out.





Same problem here. Separately managing Liked Songs from albums in Library is time I don't have. I'm a several-hours-a-day user too and regularly download albums to try them out and then remove them if not. Too time consuming to add/remove the individual songs to Liked Songs too, so basically I am not using Liked Songs.

I'm not using Artists after the update either, since I don't follow any. 

I've no idea what Spotify's motivation for Songs and Artists changes, but I suspect they didn't consult users on how they actually like to use their service. Time to look at the other music providers out there.

This has nothing to do with the issue. The whole layout is garbage now. Less is more. Bring it back to where it was a year ago.

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