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Ads pausing when screen locked

Ads pausing when screen locked

I have an Ipad Air and am running iOS 9.2 and spotify

I listen a lot with headphones and my ipad screen locked. There are certain ads for spotify that will pause as soon as they start (usually 15 second ads).  all I have to do for them to play is to turn my screen on. the ad isn't a video either that you might expect would require the screen to be on in order to play.

it's a minor problem, as the current go-around is simple, but it requires me to pause what I'm doing in order to keep spotify playing.

i thought it was a strange problem and I couldn't find any other posts about it.


1 Reply

Pretty sure this is a purposeful strategy to force the listener to engage with the ad. I'm sure Spotify gets paid more for the ad if the user actually sees the image. Forcing the listener to manually engage with the phone assures that we will see the ad, and it also forces us to pay attention to the ad instead of tuning it out.


Pretty brilliant, albeit deceitful.

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