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Advertisement is in another language than my own

Advertisement is in another language than my own







iPhone XS

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(iOS 13.3.1)


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I get advertisements in another language than my own while my language settings are put in Dutch. Is there any way this can be fixed? For example I got this ad for the new album of BTS in French, while I live in Flanders, where they speak Dutch... Very annoying!

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Hey there @shana016


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 

Could you be more specific about where exactly you see/hear the ads? You've described your subscription plan as Premium in your original post. When on Premium, you're not supposed to hear or see any ads.


It's possible, however, that you created more than one account for different reasons. In such a case you might have both free and Premium accounts. If you're accidentally logged in to your free account, then you'll get the ads.


We suggest you head to this help page. Make sure you check all the troubleshooting steps and especially the ones for finding other accounts.


Hope this helps. Keep us posted. 

Hi Ivan


No I don't get any ads while listening to music.

I just mean, sometimes when there's new music of an artist I'm following, there is from time to time a pop up that comes up while on the 'home page' and this ad or pop up was in another language than my own.


I don't have two accounts where one is free and the other is premium. I only have this one, so not experiencing any issues regarding ads while listening to music.


thanks for your help!


Kind regards



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