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Albums missing on iPhone

Albums missing on iPhone

I just upgraded to Spotify Premium after purchasing an iPhone 4s. All seemed to be going well until I made the unhappy discovery that many of my "starred" albums are readily available when using my laptop but can not be found using the search function with my phone. What gives? Why is there different content for certain artists when using my phone? (Example: Many Pete Townshend solo albums can be played on my computer but my phone shows very few.) This defeats, in part, the purpose of upgrading to Premium for me. Anyone else experience this? What can be done about it?

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In theory, the Spotify library contents should be the same no matter what device you are using on your own account. Are these songs stored as local files on your laptop? If so, you need to manually sync them to your iPhone. 



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Thank you for the quick response, Peter. I have yet to sync my phone but these are not local files stored on my computer. A few of the Pete Townshend albums I am referring to are ones that I don't own and had hoped to be able to play on my phone. Very puzzling, indeed. I'm new to all this (including smart phones) and don't fully understand the benefit (or implications) of syncing the content on my laptop with the iPhone. Guess I better start reading up on things.



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