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no playlist

no playlist

after the latest update all my playlists are gone from my iphone, although the playlists are still on my computer app.

If i connect to my pc en say to synchronize some playlist with my iphone, the synchronization starts, but no play list appear.

What going on?

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Are you sure you are using the right set of credentials. Loads of people accidently log in with the wrong credentials to the mobile device and thus creating double accounts or such.


Are you using Facebook or Spotify style credentials on the PC? How about the mobile device?


Make sure you have logged in with the same credentials to the mobile device as you have logged in from the PC.

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Same thing happened to me. I found my created playlists in a SpotON radio folder. After checking thru the forums i learned that alot of people found their playlists i the iTunes folder. Hope it helps

I have tried to log in with each of my accounts and the playlists are still missing. When I tried resyncing my playlists, my songs are just loading into 'local files' and not as separate and ORGANIZED playlists. How can I sync it to adjust back to my actual spotify playlists?

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