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Albums on desktop version not on iPad

Albums on desktop version not on iPad

Oh hai guis,


I was listening to James Morrison - Undiscovered album from 2006 on Spotify last night on my windows desktop. Since my windows desktop can not do Airplay, that I know of (unless you use third party app like Airfoil which means ALL sounds go to airplay rather than just spotify, highly annoying).


Today I wanted to listen to it on the airplay since I have stereo speaks setup outside etc. So I installed Spotify on my iPad. However, when I searched for James Morrison on the iPad, the 2006 album is not there.


Most results I found in regards to this were to do with either a) "caching", b) using a proxy so your deskop version was in a different country to your mobile device, or c) the album on the deskop was a local file.


It's definitely not (a) since i only installed Spotify on the iPad 10 minutes ago. It's not b) because the iPad is a wifi only iPad and connected to the same internet connection as the desktop. And it's not c) because I haven't yet imported any local files.


Any thoughts on why certain albums are available on desktop only versions of Spotify?

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After "starring" the album on my desktop I was able to see it on the ipad. Horrible solution though.

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