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All my playlists are suddenly with no songs in then..?

All my playlists are suddenly with no songs in then..?

Yesterday all the songs on my playlists are no longer available to play..! What has happened? Could it be an error reg. that my creditcard was no longer in use? I have switched bank, and got a new creditcard- I have entered my new details. Presse help- I listen to my spotify every day...:(
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Something similar is happening to me but with just one specific playlist. I tried making it available offline and syncing from my computer and it didn't work and I've tried creating a new playlist and moving all the songs there and although I can see them fine on my computer they won't show up on my iPhone... Offline mode is off and all the other playlists work. All but one playlist that won't appear on my iPhone for some reason. Any ideas?

Same here...

New Album released this week..... added it as a playlist on my iMac. Plays fine....

However, I can see the playlist name on my iPad and iPhone, BUT.... shows 0 songs.


Any ideas....?

Hi guys, sorry to hear you've had a little playlist trouble. 


I've checked your accounts and all playlists look good from our end. 


Sometimes it can take a little while for playlists to update, are they still showing as empty on your devices? 



Undrit- Can I also confirm you're logging in with your Facebook details? You should see all your playlists now. 


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Thanks for looking into this....

Here is my updated status.....


Album: Grinning Streak

Artist: Barenaked Ladies

Released last week and appeared this week on spotify.


I can see the album and songs on my iMac. I can playlist everything and all is cool.



When I look on the iPad AND iPhone (both running IOS 6) I can see the playlist (title), but it says 0 songs and won't stream.

However, IF I select 'play offline', Spotify pulls the songs onto my phone. As soon as I revert, the songs disappear.


Strange one huh?


As a point of note, other albums I playlisted on the same day all appear on ALL devices.

I have reinstalled Spotify on the phone and rebooted....


Hope you can help, it's a great album


Many thanks




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