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Spotify crashes while syncing iPod for the first time

Spotify crashes while syncing iPod for the first time

I went to sync my iPod nano with Spotify, now Spotify has crashed and my iPod is stuck.  **bleep** you.

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OH, and all my music gone.  Could you POSSIBLY suck more?  All of my Facebook and Twitter contacts are about to get a severe warning never to use your software.

Hi sofaking8, sorry to hear about this.


Did you see any error messages when you attempted the sync? Have you tried restarting Spotify and syncing again? It's worth noting that iPod Nanos are only capable of local file syncing. 


I've also looked at your account and all your playlists are safe so not to worry!



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I tried restarting Spotify several times but it would not run until I removed the device.  I was not worried about my Spotify playlists lol...all of my iPod playlists were erased, and I had to Restore it to factory in order to use it again.

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