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All of my album downloads have been removed

All of my album downloads have been removed






iPhone 11

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iOS 14.0.1


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Today, when I first opened the app on my phone, everything was working fine and I had all my albums downloaded like always, but a few hours later, when I opened the app again, all of the downloads I had for my albums were removed, but my playlists downloads were not removed. 

I still had about 30gb of free storage avaliable, but after this bug I have about 76gb. This had already happened to me before, also in other phones and OSs, but only a percentage of my albums were removed, not all of them. I’ve also received the message that I had fulfilled my download limit a couple times before so I manually removed some myself, but this has been a few months and I did not receive anything this time.

I hope that I won’t have to deal with this again, because now I will have to waste a lot of time to download all of my stuff again.

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