Alphabetical scroll bar

Alphabetical scroll bar


A couple hours ago, my iOS devices updated my Spotify app to the new look. As much as I enjoy the new update, I have one problem: the alphabetical scroll bar is gone. Do you know if it is just because I don't have enough tracks in my library, or did they simply remove it? I maybe have around 50 to 60 total albums. I really liked the scroll bar feature, because I was able to get around much faster.




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The scroll bar is gone for me, too. I have over 100 artists in my library and now I have to scroll-scroll-scroll to find what I'm looking for. 


Bring back the scroll bar.

I just noticed that there is a search bar. It's actually pretty good. I guess it does look cleaner without the scroll bar. 

As for the search bar, it's actually quite good. I just type in the name of the artist/band and it shows me all of their albums.

That isn't really acceptable. They removed functionality that made navigating large libraries easier. Especially when I'm driving -- I can't be typing out artist names.

Gone for me too which is very inconvenient. 

Love the new update except for the missing scroll bar. Please at least make it optional. I relied heavily on that for browsing my library.

Horrible.... It’s so troublesome navigating to Songs if you have a large library like I do.😭 Bring the back the alphabetical scroll.

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