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Lyrics problem with iPad

Lyrics problem with iPad

I'm using iPad and I don't know why the lyrics feature is disabled. I already used Live Chat to report this problem more than once but no relevant answer after all. The lastest update is about 1 month ago, feel like spotify never really care about this problem, very very disappointed!

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Hi dravil29,


Spotify no longer has an in-app lyrics feature for every song. Now, some songs have a "Behind the Lyrics" feature that will show some of the lyrics interspersed with information about the song and artist. You can see this by scrolling down on the now playing screen. You'll be able to tell that a song has a Behind the Lyrics because the very top of the card will show at the bottom of the app (it's a black card and will say Behind the Lyrics at the top).


It's not currently possible to disable this feature, so it should be showing for you. Let me know if you have other problems with this. Hope this helps! 

Actually, Behind The Lyrics is not working on my iPad too. I reported this problem more than 2 times and there's no change. But never mind, I've just canceled subscription and switched to other streaming service. I just don't understand. Lyrics seems like the basic feature but spotify always has problem again and again.

I hope you find a  music application that fits your needs better! 

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