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Am NOT receiving password for my mobile device

Am NOT receiving password for my mobile device

I have signed up for Spotify Premium, and have inserted my credit card information and then it gives me my Device username and I click to receive an email with the device username and password for my mobile device (iPhone) and I receive nothing. 


I have done this several times, checked my Spam box, and still nothing from Spotify. I filed out a form directly for help, and they said I would get a confirmation email from Spotify, and then receive a direct answer within 48hrs, but I have not received any confirmation emails or direct answers. I have been trying to contact for a week now, and have not ben abel to receive any emails beyond an initial welcome to spotify email. And yes, I have checked my Spam box over and over. So it is quite frustrating. I even tried putting in an alternate email for contact, and have not received anything there either. So, is there any way to receive my password outside of through an email, which apparently I cannot receive?


Please help, I'd like to pay you Spotify for the Premium service, but since I cannot use any of the Premium options it would be a waste of money unless I can receive this extra password. 



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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


You shouldn't need to set a device username and password for use on an iOS device, just sign in using the same details you use online and in the desktop client. The device username and password functionality is only for partner devices such as Sonos.



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