An error occurred?

An error occurred?

Heaps of storage on my iPad, tried restarting, internet works perfectly ...

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Did you get this error after updating the app?

Are you sure you have your iPad connected to a working internet connection? Also, have you tried to re-install the app? And finally, are you sure you are correctly logged in?


Okay this happens to me to and I believe this is an account issue, not an iPad issue and I need help.


Before you read on, please don't assume that I don't know what I'm talking about like some of you did with many others. I have a degree in IT and I know all about troubleshooting basics and I still can't figure it out, so don't tell me that I'm too dumb to try this and that, but if there's something that I haven't tried that you think might help, please do tell me. I'm not god afterall.

Read on to find out what I've tried before. Let's face this civilly and open-mindedly like 21st century creatures. 🙂

Brief description of the issue: An error occured message appears on the Browse section in my iPad Air 2 (iPhone works fine). 

Steps to reproduce the issue: Logging out and in of the problem accounts on the Spotify app on the iPad. 
This happens in both my account and my sister's account, both have just been connected to our facebook profile. 

What steps I’ve tried already: Reinstalling the app, rebooting the iPad, force rebooting the iPad, tried different iPads, tried logging in using both username and facebook, tried disconnecting account from facebook and do all of the above again. Tried logging in with my brother's and sister's account (they got Facebook Spotify Account from start so didn't have to connect to facebook anymore) and their browse section works fine on my iPad and my sister's iPad so definetely not an iPad issue. Got 20GB free storage in iPad (not a memory issue), have tried freeing up the RAM (not local caching issue), nothing worked. Tried with different internet connection (cellular and wifi).

Your device and operating system : iPad Air 2 iOS 10.0.1
Type of Spotify account you have (Free or Premium): Family Premium
The app version of Spotify you’re using: 6.5.0


I have troubleshooted this with 5 different spotify accounts and 2 iPads who I have access to and out those 5 only me and my sister's accounts are problematic. The other three got no problem on the 2 iPads. I don't know if this is because I just connected it to facebook but the timing seems to support that but I can't be sure since I don't work for Spotify. 


All the browse section on the 2 problem accounts work fine on my Mac's and iPhone's spotify app so the issue seems to be isolated to iPads, but not specific to one iPad. The other 3 accounts have a working browse section on the iPad and all other devices.


Please do suggest if anyone else have dealt with this issue in the past. Seems like a waste to pay for subscription but can't use the best feature of it from my preferred device. 


Oh and all of the spotify accounts are under the same family plan. 


I can't wait to solve this thing, hope you guys have some suggestions that might help!


Thanks in advance!




Edit: New info comes to light, I just tried making a brand new spotify account not connected to facebook and the browse section shows the same error straightaway. This is a free account and it's brand new. What I failed to mention before is that the 2 problematic accounts are new accounts to (created like 3 days ago)! Whilst the other 3 that works are old accounts! Another thing I noticed is the new accounts don't have Daily Mix playlist as well while the old accounts do. 


Could the error be contained to new accounts only?



Hello, i have same problem as i described in topic recently. By the way, my account not connected to facebook.

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