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Android features desperately needed on iOS

Android features desperately needed on iOS

There are at least THREE TWO features that I cannot understand their NOT being on iOS when they are on Android:


  1. Alphabetical sorting of playlists
  2. Downloaded playlists brought at the top
  3. No annoying beep when playing externally and changing track (ok, not a feature, but why have to endure a beep every time to change track on iOS?) 


These are simple but important features, already present on the other platform. 


Why not on iOS already?


When will they be coming?


Edit: Beep removed in 1.0. But still needs the other two features on iOS that Android already has.

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Hello, I can't address the first two, as I have no inside knowledge of Spotify's plans.  But the third one is here in the latest ios release- under Settings -> Playback, you can toggle off "Play feedback sounds".

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