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App Store Review - 3.1.1 Violated with Spotify link

App Store Review - 3.1.1 Violated with Spotify link

I've developed an app for a record label. A key part of the app is for users to be able to listen to musicians on their preferred streaming service, be it Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music...


I submitted the app to Apple's App Store Review and they've gotten back to me with this:


"Regarding 3.1.1, the links in the app provide access to external mechanisms for purchases or subscriptions, which does not comply with the App Store Review Guidelines."


Because I have linked to a musicians Spotify account, I am in violation of 3.1.1.


I've asked for further advice, or whether the same applies to Apple Music (not mentioned so far, hmm!). I don't want to upset Apple, if removing Spotify etc. links means my app will get uploaded, so be it.


However I would like to know if anyone else has experienced the same issue, and what, if any, solution was found? Maybe the Dons at Spotify themselves may have a word or two on the matter.


I hope that if a user already has a Spotify subscription they can be presented with the link - this would require a Spotify login in my app, so I'm sure that'll send me into Spotify's TOS and could create more complications.


Some advice please! 🙂

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Actually it's now my understanding that Spotify links may be shown if the user is logged into Spotify in the third-party (a.k.a. my) app.

Hey @louisdebeaumont, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

I'd suggest checking out the Developers page here.


Thanks and happy coding 🙂

Hi @Loxer


Thanks for the reply. I can't seem to find anything on the docs regarding this legal issue.


It seems Apple doesn't allow apps to direct the user to a page where they can purchase anything that doesn't go through Apple's In-App transaction system. This was a cause of a Spotify update being rejected in the past, and why you can't purchase Spotify premium in-app.


Apple rejected my versions which contained links to Spotify. This is slightly surprising considering Spotify does not actually allow for in-app purchases (to avoid 3.1.1), however I suppose linking to Spotify might be categorised as 'encouraging third-party purchases' or something.


I intend to add functionality where the user can connect to Spotify, and where I will only show them a Spotify link if they are already a paying Spotify premium customer. If I do make this update, I will post it's success here to let others know.

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