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App has no option to connect to Facebook

App has no option to connect to Facebook

Premium plan, iPhone 5

In the Settings/Social menu I don't have any option to connect my account to Facebook. The only things listed are:

 Private Session

 Publish Activity / Scrobble



Since it's impossible to connect to Facebook via my desktop due to another problem with the program there, how am I supposed to do it on my phone?


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Hey @downtime68, Welcome to our Community.


Hope you are doing great!

Spotify has recently removed that option from the mobile apps. But you can still connect your account with Facebook. Just head to your account page and connect it there.

If you need help with anything else, please feel free to ask 😉


Have a nice day 🙂

The link you gave to my account page has no option to connect to Facebook.


I have tried connecting to Facebook via my desktop APP (NOT website account) but because of an error where the app is "always on top", the Facebook connection pop-up is behind the app and I can't get to it either by minimizing everything else or with ALT+TAB.


The desktop app is frankly broken right now - I think since the last Win10 update a few days ago.

This has not been fixed and it's driving me nuts. 

Is any one from Spotify prepared to deal with this?

When I click on Settings > Connect to Facebook, a dialog box appears BEHIND the Spotify app that I can't "bring to front" with ALT+TAB, so I can't log in (in order to connect Spotify to Facebook).

I can't connect via the phone app (they've removed that option) and I no option exists within the browser version that I can find.

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