HOW to remove previously listened to songs (not in recents)

HOW to remove previously listened to songs (not in recents)


Is there a way to remove artists/songs you’ve listened to in the past, but they’re not in your recents? Example, when my young niece has used my phone she has listened to a bunch of kids stuff. So my 2017 playlist contained a few of the songs she had listened to over and over. They’ve also appeared in most listened to artists links. I want to remove these kids songs from any future Spotify created playlists and linked apps. 










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Hi @ellasyn and welcome to the Community! 🙂
Unfortunately, I don't know of a way to delete listening history as you've described. Since Spotify's recommendations are adaptive based on what's in your library, my best suggestion is to save new songs to your library and playlists so that it will modify your preferences over time.
Also, listening to radio stations or your tailored playlists like Discover Weekly and Daily Mix where you can heart/dislike tracks could improve your overall recommendations too. 
Another option could be creating a new account for your niece to listen to her songs separate from yours.
Hope this helps and Happy Listening! 🙂


Exact same issue. And I'm paying for a service that I am NOT happy with ATM>

My niece listened to two songs over and over again that I really detest. And the "Remove From This Playlist" is greyed out. With the technology today, you can allow people to remove those songs, or have a guest account on your spotify, or something. Music creates emotions, and right now after hearing just the first 3 seconds of one of those songs, I felt a rage of anger from the pit of my stomach. I hate them. I want them gone. Spotify, you have NO idea if someone liked a song because it meant something to that person. Like a boyfriend/girlfriend. But then, you break up... and that song... the one you had listened to a zillion times is THE LAST song you ever want to hear.

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