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App keeps crashing on ipad

App keeps crashing on ipad

I have Spotify Pemium, and lately it has just started either cutting a song off mid play or just crashing totally. I have re-installed the app and have over 12gb available, so don't understand why this happens?? Does anyone know?
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Hi. Which versions of iOS/Spotify are you running?

I have the same issue.


It's actually annoying enough where I will cancel the Premium service if it doesn't get fixed.  I put quite a bit of effort getting a nice setup into the stereo equipment with the iPAD, and the constant crashing is unacceptable.

I'm running version 7.1.2 on the ipad and on Spotify.

Oh, and the same happens on my iphone actually, it's a 4s version 7.1.2 as well, and the same version of Spotify.

I just got Spotify Premium today and have the same issue. It wasnt like that yesterday, is this maybe a Premium only problem? I pay for music and i get nothing.

Guys - just bought premium after 6 day trial which worked beautifully but since upgrading 2 days ago it's done nothing but crash and I've only got about 15-20 songs in my playlist! Total shambles.

Crashes on my ipad every 10 mins. totally sad I hope it's just a bug and will be fixed. Yes I have premium Spotify just downoloaded today and an iPad 1st gen with latest update. PANDORA never crashed

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