App keeps crashing


App keeps crashing

I'm on iOS 8.3 with an iPhone 6. I have premium subscription. For the past few day (can't remember when exactly) the Spotify app keeps crashing while playing a song.

I've tried restarting, closing all open apps and uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify but the issue persists.

It is also draining my battery. Was on 32% then I opened spotify for a minute and it crashed and I was on 18%.
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Re: App keeps crashing

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Hey @Zanesc, what does your battery usage menu say under Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage for Spotify? Does it seem abnormally high compared to other apps? Also, do you have any local files synced onto your device?


If you have completely uninstalled and reinstalled the app and you are still experiencing issues, only other fix that I could suggest would be to wipe your phone and try the app out again. If you don't experience the issue again, it was likely a glitch caused by the OS. Naturally, you'd leave this as a last resort though.