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Apple TV app pairing every time

Apple TV app pairing every time







(Apple TV 4K)

Operating System

(tvOS 13.4)


My Question or Issue

Apple TV Spotify app requesting activation/pairing every time I try to use the app. Performed a "clean" reinstall numerous times, restarted the device etc. Problem still persists.

24 Replies

Hello there @snackvacation,


Thanks for reaching out in the Community!


There's a relevant idea for what you're describing in the Idea Exchange here. Feel free to add your vote to it - it's the best way to provide your feedback for features such as this one.


The Community team is actively bringing your feedback to the internal teams at Spotify - check how here


If there's anything else you need help with, just give us a shout 🙂

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Hi. Did you get a resolution to this. I just moved from  Music to Spotify and the same is happening on my  TV. Tired of this. I enter the code to activate  TV pairing but nothing happens on Spotify
app on  TV.

Hey @Ike185,


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community!


Could you please clarify if your issue is the same like with @snackvacation - that you have to log in every time you use the app on your TV? If that's the case, keep in mind that this is expected behavior. You can however +VOTE the idea to change it here, and subscribe to the thread, of you haven't already. We'll inform on any developments there, as soon  as there are any.


If you meant that you're unable to log in on your TV, this support article has all the different ways you can access Spotify via your TV listed. Give them a a try and let us know how it goes. 


Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

Mihail Moderator
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The idea you link to is for the LG TV. This is for Apple TV and I have the same issue. It’s not asking to implement a new idea but simply to fix a bug. Thank you.

Yes, it is the same as the @snackvacation noted. 


It is still happening but I found a work around. I just start my music from the iPhone or iPad and pick up on  TV whenever I want to play. It sucks but it works. Then I don't have to log in all the time. 


Your app for the Mac desktop thou SUCKS THE BIG ONE. Tired of it. I have to force quit it a lot. Just know trying to play music from a friend I follow yields nothing. Trying to play recommended music from one of my playlist nothing happens. The Mac app has been a complete frustration and only use it when I absolutely have to. If not that your music is better in my view to  Music I would have gone back to  Music. 

Same here. Spotify app for Apple TV is totally unusable because of it.

Spotify will not fix this. After over a year it’s obvious. What’s the point in an Apple TV app if it’s the most inconvenient app I have?

Same here.

every day I have to key in the pairing code.


most boring stuff ever…

"Keep in mind that this is expected behavior". What's expected about being logged out of an app all the time? This is only an issue for the Spotify app, Netflix and everything else works fine.

The most general and common problem that causes this disconnection is a problem with your internet connection. Many times, a simple fix to your network can quickly resolve any disconnection issue. This may include steps like resetting your router or changing the network channel your devices are connected to.

[snip - Community Moderator Edit]

I have been having this same issue for over a year.  Spotify App for Apple TV doesn’t stay logged in. 

Please fix this, it is still happening every day. 

This is so annoying! Guys why? There is no use… please remove it from the AppStore…

same problem. need to fix! most annoying



I am having this issue, too. I really hope it isn’t expected behavior to require users to pair their Spotify account every time they want to open the app on their Apple TV. No other streaming apps do this and it will drive users to Apple Music if left unaddressed. Please enable a ‘stay signed in’ option that makes it so I can use Spotify on Apple TV without needing to pair the app. I should only have to pair it once per device, and that pairing should remain unless I decide to unpair. 

Typical Spotify. Too busy trying to bring in new features to make more money (ie fight with Apple) instead of making the product ACTUALLY WORK.


”This is expected behaviour” - NO IT ISN’T. Maybe by your crappy app devs, but NOT BY YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS.


But good news… Amazon Music does it right.


Maybe Elon will by Spotify, and make the devs prove their usefulness….

lol elon buying spotify would be a guanteed way to break it permanently.


but lets get real. this sucks and is inexcusable.

No news, still same issue, what a joke, Spotify this is not the way to treat paying customers

There are so many little things they need to improve in the Apple TV app. In addition to making me login every few days even though I use it ALL THE TIME, there are other fixes needed (literally I was listening, rebooted the Apple TV, and Spotify made me pair it again).  For example, often when I pause playback, there is no audio when I resume. I found other users realized a common workaround was to go to NOW PLAYING and pause and play there but wouldn't it be easier if the developers just fixed it? Navigation and getting back to what's currently playing is not often easy or convenient. 

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