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Apple watch - not refreshing status (sometime)

Apple watch - not refreshing status (sometime)






Apple watch series 4, iPhone X, IPad 2018, Sonos

Operating System

iOS 13.5.1


My Question or Issue

This is a long standing issue; but quite hard to explain/troubleshoot. It does not happen every time, but often enough to really annoy me.


If I start the playback from a third party device (i.e. the iPad) on the Sonos, sometime - when I try to control the playback with the Apple watch it fails (the watch and the phone are not aware about what is currently playing).


The fix is easy enough, starting the Spotify app on the iPhone itself (or killing it - forcing the watch to restart it) solves the issue - but it require interaction with the phone. This seems to happen after an extend inactivity on the iPhone / watch.


It feels that the status refresh initiated from the iPhone app and watch app are not following exactly the same code path. If I would have to guess; I would bet on some token getting expired (spotify, sonos, ... ?), and not getting properly refreshed when the invocation comes from the watch.


I did the usual (uninstall, reinstall, clear storage, ...). I even had the iPhone and the watch replaced; nothing helped. As far as I can remember, this issue was here since day 1. 

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Anybody here? This is still a problem

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