AppleTV app and screensaver issue


AppleTV app and screensaver issue


Hey Spotify team,


I LOVE you AppleTV app, but there is one serious, device ruining behavior it has.  I have an OLED TV and for whatever reason, your app will not let the screensaver kick in.  I have to back all the way out to the home screen to get it to start. 

Can you enable the AppleTV screensaver to turn on while the app is going?  Or add a visualizer feature (as old school WinAmp as that is).  The way it’s set up now will burn in on an OLED panel.  Thanks!




AppleTV 4K on LG B7A


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this is 100% true - please say you'll address? everything else about it is great!

I am in the same situation. I simply cannot risk compromising a $2500 TV due to what should be a simple fix. Any response from Spotify?

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Usually when I am listening to Spotify in my living room I leave my OLED TV off exactly for this reason. I have Chromecast plugged into my AV receiver and it can still play without the TV being on or I use Spotify Connect that is built into my AV receiver. Just a disadvantage of OLED we have to put up with until we hopefully get MicroLED TVs one day that don't have this downside.


For the Apple TV app you need the TV on to see what you are doing so that is why I don't recommend the Spotify Apple TV app for OLED TV owners.


Even with a screensaver -- for me that is useless when listening to music. Either I see the album art and song title (which I can't leave on with OLED) -- or I shut the TV off. No sense having a screensaver run.


Hopefully Spotify can let the screensaver run or add a visualizer for those that need to use the Apple TV app.

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