‘Auto-lock while charging’ update extremely dangerous in car

‘Auto-lock while charging’ update extremely dangerous in car

When the update came out that turned on the auto-lock feature while iPhone is charging, it became extremely dangerous to use this app while driving. It's made it really hard to listen to music in the car because you have to go through steps to unlock your phone (WHILE DRIVING) to change the song. Having the album art up meant I could swipe to the next song without looking. The new iPhones basically require you to have a password on and you can't just do a simple thumbprint anymore like the older models. I surely thought your teams would have fixed this by now. It's not like it's a new feature? You already had this and then took it.


This update has been an extreme HAZARD for months now. Please fix this before Spotify causes people to get into car accidents or we all switch to Apple Music. Like I've had Spotify since 2011, and this is the first time I've ever been disappointed enough to not even want to pay for the subscription anymore.


Anyway, your users should feel safe using your music app while driving, since that's when we all use it the most probably 🙂








iPhone XR

Operating System

iOS 13


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Could you enable the Car View option in Settings of Spotify?


Hope it helps 🙂

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