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Available Devices, Sonos, iPad

Available Devices, Sonos, iPad

Premium Plan, UK, iPad app, Sonos, Latest updates.


Playing Spotify within the Sonos app and there are no issues.


Playing Spotify app on iPad, Sonos speaker(s) appear as available devices, playback using a Sonos speaker via available devices is problematic.


The app seems to connect and disconnect on a regular and frequent basis. There is no effect to playback, but volume IS affected. Having the Sonos app open or closed in the background has no effect to the issue. It would appear that the app is seeking permission, then relinquishing permission repetitively, but I am no expert and could be wrong.


I have tried toggling 'Hardware Volume Control' in the Sonos app to no effect.


Anyone experienced similar or can think of a solution?

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I don’t think anyone from Spotify will help you here. Maybe try your luck with Sonos.

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