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Spotify does not work with cellular data.

Spotify does not work with cellular data.



Spotify says "You're offline" when phone is on cellular data. The phone is connected, because all other applications works fine.

Spotify connects successfully when WiFi is enabled. 


I've tried:

- reintstall

- device restart

without effect. 


Phone: iPhone7

Spotify version:

Telco: Mtel Bulgaria, 3G/LTE network

Premium account. 


Does someone have had a similar problem and managed to fix it? It is really frustrating!



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I have the same issue from 3 days ago. iPhone 6S, latest iOS. Rebooted device, loged out and then loged in, reinstall the app. Only working on WiFi. On LTE it's stuck on Connecting... I can see you're too in Bulgaria, on Mtel. Maybe it's something wrong with Mtel?

I just talked with Mtel representative about this issue. They are aware of this and are working on it. As i was told, it will be resolved as fast as they can. 🙂 

I can confirm that the problem is with MTel. I just tested my home devices with hotspot from vivacom (as I have home broadband from Mtel) and it's working without issues.



Check in the Mobile data settings, then find spotify and see if you are allowing it to use cellular data.

I was wondering whether it is an Mtel problem, but all other apps are working fine. So I've decided that it's more likely to be a Spotify problem.


But obviously another problem with good old Mtel. Hope they will fix it sooner...


Thanks for the info guys. 🙂


all settings are correct. I've checked them several times. The problem appeared before couple of days. Before that it was fine. 

I have the same problem....
Did you solve it ?

I have the same issue with iPhone 5S iOS 10.1.1; Sporify; MTel Network and Premium account.

Looking at all replies in the thread it looks like the issue is coused by network service provider (MTel Bulgaria).

Well, also spoke with Mtel support and they said that it is more likely to be Spotify problem.

Now I wrote to Spotify support and waiting for response. 


Talked with couple of friends using other Bulgarian telecoms and they do not have such a problem. My personal opinion is that this is Mtel problem. Unfortunately we will have to wait until they fix it.

I have the same problem for 3 days now... I really hope they will fix it soon, I spoke to the support, they say they're aware.. who knows?! They will fix it "As soon as possible", she said...

I've spoke with Mtel and Spotify support and still I am not sure where was the problem. But seems to be fixed. Currenly Spotify connects succesfully on when phone is using mobile data.

Yeah, i can confirm it curretly works with me as well. Let's hope it will stay this way 🙂 

Works for me as well 🙂 for now..

I have been facing this problem for a week now. My Spotify works fine when I am using my Wifi but it keeps showing connecting... which is very annoying. Because everything else works fine on my phone with my data. I watch NetFlix, Prime, Hotstar, youtube - all in good quality, what more data is needed to use Spotify. I have uninstalled the app, checked the setting to use cellular data too, and even log out and logged in a few times.  Is there any way to fix this 

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