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Available offline and storage question

Available offline and storage question

Two questions
1. If I make a playlist available offline on my phone and then unfollow the playlist. Is the playlist still downloaded to my phone?

2. I have made a few playlists available offline and then later unchecked that option, making them unavailable offline. How come my storage on my phone doesn't increase?
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To answer question number 2 just because you made them unavailable offline doesnt mean that theyre not deleted. I think youre going to have to delete them if you want the extra storage






Thanks for your response! I guess my next question would be...I unchecked a playlist and am clicking around on the songs from that playlist in the app, but it doesn't appear that they actually are still downloaded, how would I delete them?!

The only way to get that space back is to uninstall the app & reinstall it. I think I've seen ideas thrown around like if u are close to storage full it deletes some songs that u deleted or something... Just wondering if anyone official can confirm this.

Thanks for the response. That's pretty annoying, but I guess I'll have to do it for now. Now to redownload all the playlists I actually want...

Yes it's been chucked around the forum as to why there is not
Better management regarding offline playlist, setting single songs in albums or playlists and once it's deleted it's deleted. Not still taking up storage..the solution needs sorting but no one on spotify cares..even tho premium users have to pay.

I didn't have a storage issue until I started PAYING for premium. Spotify really needs to fix this!

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