BMW Spotify in F30 on iDrive 4 - Fast forward feature broken?


BMW Spotify in F30 on iDrive 4 - Fast forward feature broken?


Hello everybody!


I drive a BMW F30 3-Series with the NBT Headunit, running iDrive 4.

A few months ago, I noticed that the fast forward feature, using the 'back'/forward buttons on the radio unit doesn't work anymore when listening to music through USB in Spotify mode. The feature used to work perfectly in past versions of Spotify.


I encounter a similiar bug when listening to music via Bluetooth; The FF gets stuck and fast forwards the whole track. It's not possible to stop the forwarding.


Interestingly, fast forwarding works flawless when using the regular USB-Device mode in iDrive. Therefore I guess that the issue is pretty sure App-related.


I'm using an iPhone X on iOS 11 and an official Apple Lightning cable for the connection to my car. Have been using iOS since i got my car in 2014.



Is there any possibility that this issue will get fixed, or do we poor iDrive 4 users not get any love by the devs anymore 😉 ?


Thank you in advance for your replys.




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Spotify Legend

Hey @x_radeon,


Thanks for getting in touch. Spotify currently supports iDrive 5 and iDrive 6, and we can't guarantee that it works as it should on iDrive 4.


As much as we'd like to help out, this is better handled through the BMW support site.


Let us know if you have any other questions. We want to help out as much as we can.





I cancelled my subscription since I can’t skip tracks anymore using iDrive 4 (via Bluetooth audio, I never used the usb cable). Track skipping works fine with other music services on iOS 12. Not sure why support for iDrive 4 was dropped as the iDrive 4 OS was still delivered in 2015 models. Oh well.