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[BUG REPORT] Background Download

[BUG REPORT] Background Download






Iphone 13

Operating System

IOS 15.4.1


My Question or Issue

Spotify doesn`t download in background. App must be opened, and with unblocked screen to download music


Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Spotify
  2. Create Playlist
  3. Click download
  4. Block screen OR change to another app
  5. Wait a while
  6. Go back to spotify
  7. Nothing was downloaded in meantime.
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This is a limitation of iOS set by Apple. Downloading uses a lot of processing power so it gets shut down after a few minutes in the background. Right now you have to have the app open while downloading. You can try playing music while it's downloading in the background or try what I do: turn off "screen auto lock" in settings temporarily and set the screen brightness to the lowest with phone plugged in (charging) and leave the Spotify app open, then after it's done turn "screen auto lock" back on and turn up the screen brightness.


You can also go into iOS settings and make sure "Background App Refresh" is turned on for the Spotify app.

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This is not a limitation set by Apple. iOS ABSOLUTELY has an API for downloading files in the background. Spotify is just too lazy to implement it. I see no reason to continue using Spotify because of this issue. To blame Apple is really terrible. iOS should be more open, but lying about iOS's capabilities to make people outraged at iOS's walled-garden design brings the movement down. Be better, Spotify.

So why does Overcast download all my podcasts in the background while I'm sleeping? For free mind you with 0 ads.

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