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Deleting played podcast episodes?

Deleting played podcast episodes?








iPhone 7

Operating System

iOS 12.3.1

Spotify Version

Spotify 8.5.14


My Question or Issue

It used to be the case that I could look at a big list of all my downloaded podcast episodes, and easily delete en mass the ones I've already listened to. I can't find a way to do that in the new version, and it would be really helpful if anyone knows how it works now?


If it's not possible anymore, I think it should be added back in, it was really useful!



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Agreed, I was just wanting to ask the same question. In the old Spotify Premium, you could pull down and open up an option to delete played episodes. I'm probably going to go back to the apple podcast app as it automatically deletes played episodes- less manual work!

So frustrating. 
I am playing night time 'sounds of rain' ... and after the first 3 minutes - a podcast for "Are you happy" starts playing.  EVERY NIGHT!  I can't get rid of it. I never have followed it. I didn't download it. I can't find a delete button anywhere.  It doesn't say it's in my podcast list. wth?!?  If anyone can help me.. .I'm tired of it.
I am very happy.... until I hear that podcast.  

3 years later... it's kind of possible... No, I still don't see how to select multiple episodes... but if you prefer to delete played episodes manually and usually set "Remove played episodes" to "Never" and then decided to delete all of the played ones, you can temporary set that setting "After playing", the played episodes will be deleted and then you can switch the setting back to "Never".

But lack of ability to select and delete multiple episodes at onces s*cks... as well as this effing recaptcha!

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