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Beta Equalizer ?


Beta Equalizer ?

I was cleaning my iphone today (just rubbing it over) while spotify was open and somehow brought up an equalizer, allowing at least 7 or 8 frequency adjustments.


For the life of me, i have no idea what i did, or what gesture brought it up, it was on the track play page. It was very simple, as if it was a beta feature. It was definitly working tho, as it was playing through my car audio at the time, so could clearly hear the difference adjusting the eq made, however when I closed it, couldn't bring it up again.


Anyone else manage to bring this up?


Running IOS6.01 iPhone 5 with spotify v0.5.8


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I'm very happy to announce that the equalizer made it into the 1.5.0 release, available for everyone now in the App Store 🙂 please update to the latest client and go into Settings -> Playback -> Equalizer and enjoy! 🙂 Hope you all like it!

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The EQ works very nice. Now I'd like it to be easier to acces. E.g. by placing a button on the album screen. I use spotify on several devices that need different EQ-settings. Is there a thread yet for this request? I didn't find it.

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@Usnightfox wrote:
Settings > playback > equaliser 🙂 bingo you're welcome

USnightfox.. I would say thank you.. but you were 3 years too late and everyone knows this by now.
My original question was about the BETA version waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before it was found in the settings.

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Hmmmm.... very interesting.


I was not able to accidentally bring this up.


Maybe a hint at a major iOS release coming soon? I sure hope so. 

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Yeah i had this. Managed to screenshot it but still haven't figured out how to get it back:



Yep that's exactly what I saw.. hmmm. now how to bring it up ;--)

Anyone knows how to bring it up? I managed to do it by accident once, no idea how... I changed some eq settings to test it. But now i dont know how to bring it back up again. Also had the Now Playing screen up when it happened.

What did you do to bring it up. Wiping the screen? So maybe it's some kind of Multitouch gesture that the developpers forgot to remove, I'm trying everything to reproduce what you guys got, without any effect 😛


And could you post the App version ( with me) and Spotify Core (


It had something to do with a gesture at the top of the screen.

I got it twice when doing something about the upper 3cm at the top of the screen 🙂

So there's a 'bug' in the Spotify app for iPhone: There's a hidden equalizer 🙂

To bring it up:

Good luck 🙂



I did it...three finger on top of screen, wiping to the right...!

I got it totally different 😛

Sorry, I was wrong...just make a circle with one finger in album art ... I use Ipad version

My sister was messing with spotify for ipad and was wiping the screen and an equalizer popped Up. Does anyone know anything about this or how to access it?! 


Just did the same thing with My iphone. I changed the EQ and now cant get it back. 


someone know how?

the sound is really bad now. Need to change back. 

I simply can't get it to work on ipad. I've tried everything but it does not work.

Please help me

I just did this accidentally as we'll, but cannot figure out how to get it back. I'd love to know how to use this "Easter egg" feature!

I can't bring it up super reliably, but it seems to come up using a three finger swipe In the album art either to the right or in a clockwise circular motion. Hmmm...can't wait to figure it out exactly. 

You do a circle with your finger at the top of the screen.

The circle should be small and be just below where the artist and song is in "now playing".

Clockwise? about 1 inch in diameter" I'm not finding it yet but really appreciate your help. 

Around 1 cm in diameter. Clockwise. There is another thread in the forum about this, found it through Google.

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