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Bluetooth + equaliser not working

Bluetooth + equaliser not working







iPhone X

Operating System

iOS 12


This issue has been persisting since my iPhone 6S on iOS 11, thought my new phone may fix it but still the same. If I use the equaliser with my AirPods then I’ll get heavy distortion on the bass and the music will just crackle and hiss as if the AirPods are being played beyond their limit. This is not the case as they handle other music sources like YouTube fine. On my Mac they run a very bass intensive equaliser which is much more boosted as opposed to the Spotify one. Sounds issues also persist connecting to my sound bar, my car Bluetooth and my other Bluetooth headphones. I want to listen to the music with the equaliser not the flat standard sound, doesn’t unlock the potential of my devices. Ridiculous that I’ve been payin monthly for over a year for something that doesn’t work properly


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