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Problems with iPhone app after buying Premium

Problems with iPhone app after buying Premium

Plan: Premium

Country: US


Device: iPhone 7

Operating System: iOS 11.0.2


My Question or Issue


I just bought premium, and 2 major things immediately broke:

* The landing page for Shazam navigation no longer offers the "Add to playlist" button (phone app). This might be because I'm forced to an album view instead of a song view.
* I no longer get a warning when I try to add a duplicate track to a playlist.


Would these problems be fixed if I cancelled premium and went back to free? Or did it do a version upgrade on me and I'm stuck with the bugs?



2 Replies

Hey @orbfish Welcome to the Spotify Community!


Lets try a couple of things to hopefully solve the problem


- First log out of your account and log back in. Usually this will help resync any information that need to be used to communicate between the app and Spotify.

- If the problem still persists, a simple reinstall of the app should help reacquire any files that could have been corrupted. 


Let me know how it goes!


Nope, tried both those steps and the problem persists.


I really think that the functionality of the app has changed. I need to know if cancelling Premium will fix the problem, or if an app upgrade was forced onto my phone so that I've lost the handy features forever. I am enjoying Premium otherwise so I don't want to cancel it until I know that it will fix the problem.


Does anyone have experience with the difference between free and premium?


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