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Bug: Getting logged out automatically

Bug: Getting logged out automatically

I keep getting logged out of the Spotify app from time to time which blocks access to my music until I put in my facebook credentials and connect to the Internet.

I can not reproduce this, it just happens once or twice a month.


Does anybody else also have this problem? Is this intended behaviour?

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I'm getting logged out a lot, on my phone.....  have the new version (android).... now it wont even let me log in at all..... i think something be dodgy in the new phone version.

The iPhone app keeps logging me out almost every day! This is very unsatisfying! E.g. when i use bluetooth in my car and expect the music to pick up were I left it the night before - now I have to unock my phone, go to the spotify app, login through facebook (takes at about 10 seconds) and then hit this while you're driving and you see how unsatisfying that is...


Please fix this issue

same problem here .. I hope this will be fixed soon 🙂

I was having the same issue and I narrowed it down to: it stays logged in until you turn off or reboot the phone.


I solved this as follows:


1) Visit: and obtain the "Spotify Device Password" 

2) Reboot phone and then login with "Spotify Device Password" and NOT facebook

3) Bonus: Delete facebook account at:


Per Spotify support "this is not a known issue" and something "facebook app" something. Maybe if you have a facebook app on your phone it stays logged in.


This issue had me super fustrated because on an airplane they tell you to turn off all electronic devices, and I did, and then I was stuck on a 10 hour plane ride without any music!

This issue is still not solved in 2014! It used to happen as per offline settings (Every month). Then I realised I was being logged out maybe once a fortnight. Now it is almost everyday. I don't have wifi everywhere that I go.

I have tried disconnecting my Spotify account from Facebook but I am still getting the same issue.

Considering I am paying for Premium, the service level (i.e. Even being able to speak to a human being about technical issues) is pretty bad. Also just putting some inane message on software updates and not actually saying what major issues have been fixed is pretty rubbish.

£120 per year is a lot of money for a service that is intermittent at best.

@user-removed - You definitely shouldn't be getting logged out of the app. Does it just happen randomly or when you do something specific?

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It happens on an almost daily basis, and I have not done anything specific. Other users thought it was to do with FB. I have disconnected from FB and it was fine for a few days, and logged me out again even though it was not meant to do that for 28 days.

It has only been happening I would say in the last 3 or 4 software updates. Before that it was fine.

This isn't a random issue though, I know quite a few people having the same issue and also read App Store Spotify feedback. A lot of people have posted about the same issue recently.

I should add I am not logged in anywhere else.

Is your phone ever running out of battery? We have had reports of Spotify not closing correctly causing loss of data.

Also, I appreciate it is highly annoying but have you tried reinstalling the app?

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Dead battery has happened a few times, but I would normally re-charge and Spotify would open as normal. I would have associated the two if I had noticed it logged me out after re-charging. I will test this later today. I'll let the phone die with Spotify open and see what happens when I re-charge.

I have tried re-installing.

@Peter, I tested the dead battery theory again. I did need to log back in.

Have my account tied to facebook still am getting logged out 


I am having this issue too. Latest Spotify Version on Android 5.1. Getting logged out almost every time after rebooting my device.

This sucks very much, since I am paying for Premium. Travelling a lot and need offline music. Please fix this.

This keeps happening to me, no matter what I use. 

-Spotify Web Player

-PS4 spotify app

-windows spotify app


It will randomly log me out, and make me put my stuff in again. Is there a way to fix it? It's happened twice in the last 2 weeks.

Happens to me too.

 paying premium and getting really annoyed with it now.

Im using an ipod touch so cant always get online when in my vehicle to log in again.

Plus i have to upload music again everytime !!



I'm going to sea for four months at the beginning of November. And although I may be in wifi at times, for the majority I won't be.


I lost my downloaded music on a three month trip last year and it's pretty hard going.


Have Spotify done anything to resolve this issue?


I'm not connected through Facebook but have Spotify on my laptop and Phone.

Hi, I opened this ages ago, but I have had no issues on iPhone or Android for a very long time. Go offline in your settings. Then go back online any time you have WiFi. If you are offline, you need to go back online after 28 days anyway. Not sure what happens if you don’t go back online, but you may get logged out of the app.

Sorry, what do you mean by "go offline" is that in Spotify settings?

Yes. You have the option to go offline in Spotify settings. You flip the toggle to on.

That means you should keep your settings and you shouldn’t get logged out.

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