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Bumble Integration Not Loading

Bumble Integration Not Loading

Hi there,


I have an issue with the loading of bumble Spotify integration for more than a year now. I have tried everything I can think of and consulted Bumble and Spotify support with no luck. Here the situation: When I tap the Spotify bumble widget, Bumble opens spotify, logs me in correctly, then directs back to bumble for the syncing but gets stuck in loading the artists. From there it doesn't continue.


Here are the things I tried with Spotify and Bumble support (no success):


  1. Updated all apps and iOS (16.1.1)
  2. Logged out and back in on Bumble and Spotify
  3. Deleted and reinstalled Bumble and Spotify (Clean Deinstall, with offloading and cache deletion)
  4. Opening the Spotify link with deinstalled Spotify so that it uses Safari
  5. Wiped browser memory & cache for web login (inkognito)
  6. Deleted and recreated my Bumble account entirely
  7. Tried without VPN, with VPN, 5G, 4G, Wifi Public and Private
  8. Made sure both regions are set to Germany
  9. Tried on an entirely different iPhone
  10. Switched between Spotify Free and Premium tiers


I'm stuck between the apps because both bumble and Spotify tell me that they can't see the fault on their side. I can prove otherwise so no one goes ahead with this issue. I'd be very thankful for this to be looked into and see many similar issues on google (for years).


Thanks in advance, looking forward!



Free and Premium




2x iPhone 13 Mini

Operating System

iOS 16.1.1


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I have had the exact same problem for over 6 months (minus the German part). Have tried probably 30 times with deleting, re-installing both apps etc. Very frustrating..

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