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Can't Play in Offline Mode

Can't Play in Offline Mode

Picked up a new iPhone 5 running iOS6 and trying to sync a playlist over wifi was painfully slow (speeds are fine on my new iPad with iOS5), so I synced a good majority of my playlist over LTE which seemed to transfer dramatically faster. Took almost a full day to sync a playlist but I managed.


The real problem is however apparently certain songs appear to have not synced? Some songs will not play unless it's streaming, some times the album art won't even load. I've set the app to offline mode and playback will just randomly pause when starting a new track, and won't play until I'm out of offline mode.


My playlist has the green arrow on the tab so it's telling me it should be good to play offline, but it doesn't. I would consider trying to resync but I've used too much of my data this billing cycle trying to sync my playlist the first time, and waiting 3-4 minutes per song over wifi makes me want to punt my puppy across the bedroom.


Any suggestions I'd appreciate, thanks.

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I've complained to Spotify about these problems for a few weeks now. No response, and it still doesn't work. I have an android phone, and pay for Spotify Premium, but offline mode doesn't work for me at all. I was able to get a few songs in offline mode for a little while, but when it wouldn't finish downloading the playlist (which only has like 20 songs), I uninstalled the app, and reinstalled it. Now it won't let me listen to any music offline, plus it won't connect to me great wifi network at home. I can use the wifi for Netflix, my Mac, and my phone, but not for Spotify.  😞


In short, I'm paying for Spotify Premium, and get none of the benefits.......why am I paying for it again? I'll cancel my subscription soon if it isn't fixed. 

I've had this problem on my Android phone. I'll download a playlist, and some of the track won't be available offline. It seems like if it freezes up while trying to download a playlist this happens.  The only thing that has worked for me is to uninstall the app, and then re-install, re-download each playlist.  This is a pain with so many playlists.  But it usually works, and the tracks that didn't download the first time and downloaded fine after deleting/reinstalling the app. Weird.

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