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Can't Sync some songs on iPhone

Can't Sync some songs on iPhone

The other day, I wanted to download some new songs to add to my starred tracks since I was taking a long trip. I downloaded them on my computer and then I synced it to offline mode on my iPod so I wouldn't waste my iPhone battery, and all the songs worked fine on my iPod. The next day I tried to listen to the songs on my iPhone because it showed they had syncd offline, but the new songs wouldn't work, only the old ones I had would work. I tried re-downloading them on my iPhone, but that didn't work. The only time the new songs work offline is when I'm connected to the Wi-fi or I turn on my cellular data. But the songs still work fine on my iPod when I'm offline.

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Hey @Dylan520 


Thanks for posting in the community and welcome 🙂


The best place to start would be by running a soft reset of the device. Do this by holding both the home and lock buttons together untill the Apple screen appears. How does that help?


If the troubles persist, trying removing the offline device at this link!


Let us know how it goes.

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