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Language swedish-english and Discover on Ipad

Language swedish-english and Discover on Ipad

i have swedish as language on my Iphone. But I dont like your swedish version of Spotify when I have the english version on my computer and Ipad. Please make it possible to chose language so I can have it in english again.
And complete the Ipad-version with the Discover-option! Now it feels like my installed Spotify is 3 different programs since they have so many different looks/functions!
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Just a suggestion: You do know that you can have the iphone set up with English menus etc, and still use Swedish keyboard and spell checking, etc?

That's how I use mine (I'm a Swede living in the UK).

An added benefit is that whenever googling for an issue with the iphone, I get hits from a vast pool of pages, rather than a very limited one.


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